Let the Internet Be Your Guide: Naming Your Business in the Digital Era

The internet has changed everything about the way businesses run. This also goes for how someone names a business. Part of your business strategy needs to be considering how easy it is for clients to find you on the internet. Here is how the internet can help you name your business.


Think About Short Domain Names


When it comes to choosing a domain name, make sure that yours is short. While your business name and URL might be the same, you only want to do this if your business name is relatively short. Websites with shorter URLs tend to see more traffic. Visitors are more likely to go to a site that is easy to spell and is less than eight characters long.


Consider Catchy and Opaque Names


Sometimes a catch name is great. If you think of popular companies, you’ll come across a lot of businesses that had short, catchy names that don’t necessarily tell you what the company is about. This route has its share of advantages as far as a business strategy is concerned. After all, a catchy name is valuable, but if customers don’t recognize you, you’re going to spend a lot of money on advertising. The best way to go is to name it something catchy but also explanatory.


Consider Digital Assistants


Nowadays, many people use digital assistants like Siri. Given this information, you want to make sure that your business has a name that is easy to pronounce. If your business has a strange pronunciation or is not what most people would say, they may get your business mixed up with something else.


Think About Small Screens


As screens get smaller on devices, you have to consider whether the name of your business is going to show up on all screens. While some of this comes down to font and the size of text on someone’s particular device, you still want to design the spelling around being shown on small screens.


Ease Up on the Name


The name might be important to your business, but let yourself relax too. If you have a great product, you can let it speak for itself. Experience and practicality matter to people more than the name.


When it comes to the digital era, a lot has changed. Naming your company is a part of the business strategy, just as it always was. Only, nowadays, it’s more important to consider how your company is going to flourish on the internet. While the product counts the most, you have to keep in mind that names can make a difference.


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