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Purchase Order Financing

As more and more businesses struggle to obtain financing that enables them to purchase pre-sold goods, we offer a purchase order financing program solution that is ideal for many types of businesses including re-sellers, producers, distributors and others who need to pay suppliers in order to continue operating. We can relieve your financial stress by providing you with the funding you need to meet the demand.

Benefit From Our Program

Whether you’re a startup in need of capital or a large business that’s run into financial trouble, purchase order financing can support your monetary needs. Apply for our program today to receive the following benefits:

  • Rapid, flexible funding
  • Ability to make deliveries on time and keep customers happy
  • Potential to grow your business without going into further debt with your bank or sacrificing equity
  • Opportunity to expand your market share

This program will give you the ability to fulfill large customer orders quickly and boost your profits. You can also take advantage of our letters of credit, which are offered for domestic trade purchases or export and import transactions.


Once approved for our purchase order financing program, you’ll have the freedom to pay for expansion costs, operating expenses, inventory, payroll and any other business need. To find out more about this program, give us a call today at (646) 569-5777 | info@waynefunding.com.