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Benefit From a Merchant Cash Advance

Are you struggling to find funding through a traditional financial institution? This is a common complaint from small business owners who need funding, but can’t get approved due to lack of credit history or insufficient collateral. At Wayne Capital, we take pride in offering competitive, convenient loan solutions to startup businesses. Our merchant cash advance may be the ideal solution if your business requires up to $200,000 for each location.

Advantages of Our Loans

While many lenders are known for their inconvenient and stressful loan application processes, we keep ours as straightforward and painless as possible. You don’t need perfect credit to qualify, and you can expect to have your funds within seven days once you’re approved. Here are a few additional advantages our loans offer:

  • No closing costs
  • Freedom to spend money for any need
  • No fixed payments
  • Minimal paperwork
  • No fee to apply
  • Easy payback terms
  • No collateral required
  • No loss of equity

A cash advance can help you start your business on the right track. Even if you’ve been turned down by other lenders, you still have a good chance of being approved through us.

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